Our Services

IHS believes in the power of partnerships and collaborative.

Is IHS all about health projects, charity, and fun? Definitely no, we have a strong multi-disciplinary medical team which government, companies and individuals may count on for good healthcare services. Currently, the following healthcare services are available at highly sponsored prices in Ghana:

Thorough health screening
You can contact us to conduct regular health screening for your community, company or family. We have variety of qualified specialists for every test you would need. Why pay more if you could pay less for the best quality?
Comprehensive fitness
This package includes fitness tests, health walk support, aerobic instructors, and first aid services. We’ve got you covered when you want to exercise for a healthier and happier self.
Health talks and demos
Why keep searching for a reliable health consult for your church, community, or workplace. We are here to serve you and even more publicize your brand when we work together for the health of your people.
Homecare package
This is a special service available to people who prefer home-based care. Common cases seen for this include stroke, heart attack, conditions in children, back pain, bedridden conditions etc.
Online medics consult:
Talk to our professionals online or through phone calls. This is entirely free till further notice. We like to hear from you, so make that call today.
Health gifts
let your gifts to your loved ones count by offering them our health gift package. Package includes healthy meals, body relaxation therapy, massage and stress relief. Your loved ones who benefit from this package would always call to ask you when the next health gift would come. Surprise them!
Impoverished farmers and families are equipped with the skills and seeds to produce life-sustaining
Can’t get to the hospital with ease?
Give us a call for special health consultation and healthcare delivery at the comfort of your home. We believe in protecting your privacy while offering you the best evidence-based medical care. We have doctors, dietitians, physiotherapists, nurses and many more you could absolutely rely on for all forms of medical attention. We refer and assist you to appropriate facilities when the need arises.